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Full service from the development up to product placement.

Research & Development

cosmetics, household, food suplements, veterinary and other chemical preparations

Legislativa a poradenství

documents for product placement on the market, hygiene services and GMP advisory services

Zakázková výroba

contract manufacturing, innovations, process optimalisations, sale of special additives


Welcome in the company Chemservis spol. s r.o.


Chemservis spol, s.r.o.


Chemservis company was established in 2007 as Reasearch & Development company for cosmetic and household products. During the existence the company  stabilized a position on the market and enlarged an activity on field of food supplements, veterinary and special chemical products.

The results of our work are represented more than thousand of preparations on the market that are produced by our customers and sold under famous trademarks.

Responding to the market needs, we created a department focused on semi-production trials too.  We can also offer the manufacture of semifinished as well as finished product in considerable amounts via affiliated companies.

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