About us

Many of you come to us with an idea, a desire, a dream. Each on is unique! Our teamwork allows this little seed to grow, to be enriched with our expertise and to become real and strong. A link between you and our laboratory is the advantage of your project. Our know-how, a cooperation with many famous world producers of raw materials, their selection, our skills and services, can make your business much more easier. We can also meet your specific needs or to try a new technological processes. You will be guided through all the stages of your product to be designed just for you. We will assist you from the concept defining to the placement of the product.

Being a partner of international companies we participate on several foreign projects. As specialist in the nature ingredients, we guide the customers through the process of ingredients selection and to gain a benefit from research of high-tech natural ingredients.

The use of raw materials from renewable sources creates a solid base for a future. Apart from interesting functional and physical properties, these raw materials have mostly excellent skin tolerability and very good biodegradability. For the cosmetic sector we tested a large series of raw materials that have been studied for such specific use. In accordance with the market tendency to prefer natural products we test hunderds combinations of new natural surfactants, emulsifiers, thickeners, emollients, preservatives etc. per year.

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